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Fleurieu Fishing Report - April 2023

Here is your monthly guide to what's being caught across the Western Fleurieu region. We encompass the fishing hot spots within the Yankalilla Council area from Myponga to Parsons Beach.



They are pretty much the bane of our existence when we are fishing, but those pesky crabs can be a delicious and easy meal.

Sand crabs are prolific along most beaches and sometimes they are nothing more than a nuisance by taking baits and tangling themselves around the hooks. Mind you it does provide a little light entertainment watching someone try to dehook an agitated angry crab who seems determined to not give up easily on a free meal.

Try dropping a net from the jetties or boat or even walking one out from the beaches to catch yourself a feed of tasty crabs. We get mostly sand crabs on the Fleurieu but there are the occasional blue swimmer crabs coming through too. There are size and bag limit restrictions that apply and females carrying eggs must be returned to the water. For bait in

your net, you can use fish or fish-based products but NOT any type of meat/offal or chicken/poultry.


Across our local beaches the Mullet have been a consistent catch for months now, they have been schooling in large numbers and in some cases fishos haven’t even needed bait to catch them! It will be interesting to see how long they stay around for.

Tommys Wild Fishing with a 35cm Mullet from Carrickalinga Beach

Salmon are another reliable hook up for fishers at Rapid Bay, Parsons, Blowhole and Waitpinga beaches, there have also been a few taken from Carrickalinga Beach.

Large Tommy Ruffs and squid have been caught from Cape Jervis jetty after dark, as has Rapid Bay jetty with the odd Garfish still hanging around there too. Second Valley has been good for squid, mainly in the early morning hours. Boat fishers have been getting some large Whiting and Snook, one local getting his bag limit of Whiting in half an hour!

If you are looking for some fishing entertainment on the chillier days, try fishing for Bream in the Bungala River, it’s great fun but we don’t recommend eating them due to the water quality.

Bruce catching Mullet and Whiting at Myponga Beach

REMINDER - Goolwa Cockles are now able to be collected again and there's been an extension to the season until August 23rd. As per normal there are size and limits applicable.

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