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Fleurieu Fishing Report - JANUARY/FEBRUARY 23

Here is your monthly guide to what's being caught across the Western Fleurieu region. We encompass the fishing hot spots within the Yankalilla Council area from Myponga to Parsons Beach.



We really love Autumn weather when it comes to fishing. It’s usually not too windy,

(🤞please, weather Gods!) There are normally a large variety of fish still hanging around and the temperature is very pleasant for spending time outside, so bring on more fishing time! More fishing also means taking a little extra time to keep your gear clean and in good working order, so remember to give your reels and rods a little maintenance. Wipe over your reels with a damp cloth and check if they need a little grease or oil and it’s also a great idea to give your fishing rod a clean and inspect the eyelets for any corrosion too. If you’ve been fishing a lot over the Summer, it might be time to change the line on your reel as it can be weakened by UV rays. Look after your gear and it will last a lot longer and provide a better fishing experience for you.


Well, what an awesome Summer for fishing!

The presumption is that the large number and variety of fish holding in the Gulf waters is due to the freshwater running into the sea along the South Coast. Having the Southern Bluefin Tuna around for such a long time has given anglers plenty of opportunity to try their luck, with most having some success. The most popular lures have been the SFT Takumi in size 95mm in either pilchard colours or the red head, trolling smaller pink skirts has also been successful and another proven lure is the Halco 160 DD in either the red and white or the silver shadow.

Kingfish schools have been following the Tuna schools and have provided boaties with another option when the Tuna won’t bite. King George Whiting and Snook have also been another choice for boat anglers.

It has been a great season for Garfish and there are still plenty being caught, both land based and from the boats. Try fishing for Gar from the beach at Normanville near the jetty. Lots of schools of Mullet have been right along our coastlines and some quite large specimens have been caught from Myponga, Carrickalinga and Rapid Bay beaches, we also fished Sellicks Beach and got a feed! Salmon schools have also been pushing up the beach at Carrickalinga North Bay. Rapid Bay and Second Valley jetties are again the places to go for a feed of squid and Cape Jervis jetty has held some decent sized Tommie Ruffs.

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